Skala Ecovillage

The ecovillage is a school of life

We strive to form and accomplish an ecological friendly and collective way of living for more than 16 years

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We do not have any activities in our ecovilage neither we accept visitors due to the current circumstances.



What others have said

  • Abigail
    Dear, Anna, Nikiforos, Chryssa, SKALA family, thank you very much for holding the space of community for people to come and learn and grow. You are generous with your knowledge, wisdom and the sharing of your home. In the short time that I was here, I learned much about myself, community, and ecological practices and I thank you for holding the space for that. Also, thank you so much for allowing me to take part in your culture. It felt like such a gift to be with greek people, learning about you and your country.
  • Romy
    It was a pleassure to work with you, to cut and drill and first of all to be with you! So, I wish you the best with these Caravan houses..3735 hugs to you,
  • Charlie
    Guys! I’m really glad I met all of you! I had the most beautiful days, weeding and diging around this paradise with you!
  • Anna
    Thank you SKALA! Thank you for the support to trust, to experiment, to let go, to look our fears, to surrender, to love, for the intuition to heal to enter new paths. Thank you for creating an open space, a field, where it is welcome to dream, to listen, to express, to create. A field of connecting with the mountains, the water, the spring of life. You give me a new higher perspective of my inner as outer life - and courege to follow my inner guidance and sense of meaning and joy. Thank you Anna, Chryssa, Nikiforos, Melina, Alexis and all visitors and volunteers for seeing, listening, supporting and deeply inspire me. These 6 weeks will be in my heart for ever and will always be a help for me, thank you