Contact information for Skala Ecovillage

Call us: +30 694 806 9076 or Send us:

    Visits to the Ecovillage are possible on “open day” calls, these are days that we dedicate on contacting and getting to know people who are interested in our projects and would like to meet us in person. “Open” days are usually combined with a specific presentation, an event or activity.

    Every time that we designate an “open” day this is announced on the events page of our website and on our facebook page.

    Visits to the Ecovillage are not possible at any time but only on “open” days.

    Skala Ecovillage is located in southeast of Thessaloniki prefecture, in a relatively “unspoiled” region.

    Rout to Skala Ecovillage nearby ZAGLIVERI.

    From Thessaloniki you take the old National Road of Thessaloniki-Kavala. You pass by Agios Vasileios and Vasiloudi and when you reach Gerakarou, you turn right on the traffic light towards Zagliveri. After several kilometres you pass by “Platanorama” cafe and after about 800 metres there is a sign that says “Faraggi Skalas” (meaning “Skala Canyon”). If you arrive at Zagliveri village that means that you have passed by and missed the sign.

    At the sign you turn right on a dirt road. At the first junction (vertical dirt road) you continue straight and at the next junction “Y” you go right. After a while you meet two chapels. You drive on until you find on your right hand a metallic fake-door. This is the descending entrance to “Skala” estate (the beginning of the entrance is in a small forest). Welcome!