What is Skala Ecovillage?

Skala Ecovillage is an attempt to form and accomplish an ecological friendly and collective way of living.

Currently, four adults and three children live permanently at Skala Ecovillage. Last year (2014) it has been created a core group of 8-10 people, which is working intensively on the implementation of the vision.

At the same time, a wide network of friends and collectives, both in Greece and abroad, supports us in several ways.

Ecovillage for us means:

Connecting the political and social vision with the idea of a life freed of fear.
The ecovillage is a school of life where the training of personality is getting enriched by the participation in the common affairs.

Since 2014, a group of 8 to 10 people work to give birth to this vision.

Our Ecovillage is part of Global Ecovillage Network (GEN)

The Global Ecovilage Network (GEN)

Ecovillages are international or traditional communities with a holistic and participatory design. Their activities cover all 4 areas of economy, ecology, social and cultural. Aim of every ecovillage is the regeneration of social and natural environments, while they serve as living and learning centres for a thriving future.

Villages that have the characteristics of ecological villages are part of the Global Ecovillages Network.

RefuGEN at Lesvos

GEN took action regarding the Refugee Crisis on the Island of Lesvos, back in 2015. “Together we aim to provide help on the ground in Greece and take responsibility for an issue that affects us all.”

Other Ecovillages around the world