Become a volunteer, when it is again available

VOLUNTEERING on an exchange basis

The creation of an Ecovillage is a pioneering work. It requires strong hands and warm hearts in order to make it happen! If you also want to participate as a volunteer in this creation, we will be glad to collaborate!

Volunteers are encouraged to participate in our everyday activities which can vary depending on what’s happening on the farm in each period. They are mostly agricultural activities, maintenance of the infrastructure, creation of water-holding tanks and lakes, products processing, cooking, cleaning…

Generally speaking, life in the “Ecovillage” offers experiences in creating natural gardens, in healthy nutrition, it gives you the possibility to learn more about ecological building, about creating special areas in order to withhold water and it also teaches you various social tools in teamwork.

“Skala Ecovillage” is located in a protected, green zone, on the outskirts of a beautiful oak forest, nearby a small canyon which is ideal for excursions. Thessaloniki city is only 45 km away, whereas the beaches of Chalkidiki are an alternative solution during summer.

The presence of volunteers is a very good chance for both the volunteers and the members of the Ecovillage to get to know each other in depth. Apart from our collaboration, we would also like to share with you functional procedures (meetings about practicalities, dreaming and heart sharing) as well as to create together time and space in order to exchange ideas and experiences.

Volunteering functions on an exchange basis, where food and accommodation costs of the volunteer are covered, whereas he/she offers his/her work, 6 hours per day, 5 days per week. Accommodation is in a personal tent and all the other private costs are his/her responsibility to cover.