“Alternative Therapies”


16 May 2015


17 May 2015

Saturday 16 – Sunday 17 May 2015

Start: 12:00 am

Therapy means change in the way we think, feel and act and
nobody stays the same after the therapeutic process.
Therapy gives birth to a new self

  • The art of therapy, Anna Filippou, Homeopathic
  • Reflexology: The art of the healing touch. Niki Saatsaki, reflexologist
  • Natural birth, breastfeeding, Popi Mourtzikou, physiotherapist, psychoprofylaxis expert
  • Meditation today, Vana Vougiouka, architect, musician
  • Presentation of “Skala” Ecovillage – Community projects as Therapeutic Habitats and Gardens of Hope

Workshops, Presentations, Circles, exchange of experiences, enjoying the company of people.
Please, arrive a little bit earlier from the start of the activities. Overnight possibility only in tents. Registration and information in info@skalaecovillage.com