We need you

If you would like to offer something to the Ecovillage or you would prefer to come to our place based on the exchange frame, we have a list with things that are useful in our place. We try to keep it updated but it would be preferable if you make arrangements with us before you decide to bring something.

In case you have something that is not included in the list and you think that it could be useful to us, don’t hesitate to mention it so that we can discuss about it.

  • Farm and garden tools (hoes, pickaxes, shovels, picks, saws, trowels, lath hammers, hammers etc.)
  • Screws of all kinds (also nails, wire, wire mesh etc.)
  • Building, garden carts etc.
  • All kinds of carpentry tools, electric or manual
  • Water pump, electric or diesel
  • Water tanks
  • Timber of any kind
  • Seeds from trees, vegetables,, horticulture, grains, legumes
  • Plastic containers and buckets of any kind
  • Overalls and work gloves
  • Ladders, wooden or metallic, scaffolding, sawhorses
  • Concrete mixer for building, preferably electric
  • Electricity generator
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Bicycles (small, medium, large)
  • Agricultural machinery (motor cultivators, tractors, wood chipper)
  • Camping accessories (mattresses, gas stoves, torches etc.)
  • Caravans (tents, little garden houses, trailers, luggage boxes)
  • Awnings/canopies (shade cloths, fabric remnants, tarpaulins, olive nets, umbrellas etc.)
  • Wooden fences (pergolas, benches, doors, frames and wood-constructions of all kinds)
  • Books oriented in practical knowledge (cultivations, constructions)
  • Vases (of all kinds and shapes)
  • Storage boxes