Alternative economy, creation of alternative bank. With Matthew Slater and Stewart Noble


22 Oct 2015
7:30 pm


03 Oct 2023


Oikopolis”, 29A Ptolemeon Street, Thessaloniki (5th floor).

Economists and politicians try to find new ways to extend the debt of Greece, without considering whether it should be repaid. Is this maybe a chance to redefine the value of money? Let’s stop using GDP as an indicator of economic success. Let’s put our resources into productive activities instead of military expenditures, security and ineffective ideologies. If we declare that “we don’t want to have any part in this madness”, how can we regain control of our productive resources and how can we do it with dignity and without violence?

Matthew Slater is a software activist from United Kingdom, co-founder of the swiss NGO Community Forge, consultant of alternative currency, he gives advice to about 140 websites – communities. He is going to describe the situation through a game – simulation of a trading room – and he is going to explain how money works.

Together with him Stewart Noble, with practical experience over many decays in supporting local economies without money , is going to show us how we can create new “cells” of alternative economy.

This event – speech is taking place at 19:30 hrs at “Oikopolis”, 29A Ptolemeon Street, Thessaloniki (5th floor).