4th Festival for Solidarity & Cooperative Economy


16 Oct 2015


18 Oct 2015

Members of various solidarity networks, of cooperative initiatives and of innovative structures in Greece organise, for a fourth year in a row, the Festival for Solidarity & Cooperative Economy, which is taking place in Athens from 16 to 18 October 2015, in Akadimia Platonos.

This year we want to step exclusively in praxis and to showcase valuable practices in order to inspire society and to prove that alternative solutions that can help us cover our needs do exist.

We want to open up more towards the society and to cry out even louder our motto “An other world exists” and is also necessary more than any other time. A world that is based on creation, self-sufficiency, sustainability and solidarity. Therefore, we are going to create inside the Festival space an autonomous village where practical workshops are going to take place, answers to basic questions are going to be given and there will be discussions.

In the thematic spots of the village, the visitor will be able to cover, or learn how to cover, his needs in food, health, education, work, energy, technology, housing, movement etc. Inside the festival our alternative currency is going to be used in transactions with selected producers of products and useful goods that occur from reuse.
There will be exchange bazaar with clothes and books, collective kitchen and whoever offers work (Fellow Villagers) will be awarded with free food for their services.
In the Festival, artistic events will also be presented and every night will close with music and dance.
The goal of the festival is to practically give the example of another world that is here, to prove that we can live differently. A very important effort will also be to try to have a continuation of the autonomous village after the end of the festival, through the creation of a complete Cooperative in Athens and in Heraklion.

The Festival for  Solidarity & Cooperative Economy represents a world that promotes communication and mutual exchange, aiming at the transition into a society based on participation and collaboration, on self-management, solidarity, sustainability, self-sufficiency and respect to Nature and Human.
We want this festival to talk into the hearts of those people who seek alternative humane solutions, and to become an inspiration source for similar initiatives in other cities in Greece. We want to unite and together move on to praxis.