OPEN SPACE – Meeting of Ecovillages and projects about self-sufficiency and sustainability in Greece


29 August 2015


30 August 2015

At Ecovillage “Skala”, with the support of Zisoula and Rinio Kourdakis (experienced coordinators of Open Space) and of Thomas Anemos.

Behind every initiative about sustainability or Eco-Community there is a dream. It seems that in recent years many of these dreams have started materialising, transforming into reality. These are valuable and sensitive efforts, that, like little babies, need care in order to grow up and stand on their feet.
“Skala” Ecovillage is an effort like this. The course of the last years as well as the needs of recent years push the need and desire for contact, exchange of experiences and knowledge and mutual support with other projects in Greece.
In fact, after our participation at the Global Meeting of GEN and Gen – Europe in Findhorn Community, Scotland, and because of the dramatic political, economical and social developments it appears more strongly than ever the need for networking among various projects about sustainability and self-sufficiency in Greece. (Look at the attached supportive article from GEN to Greece).
Therefore, we take the initiative to invite you and we are delighted to provide our space for this cause. The dates coincide with our Summer Community Meeting, and it’s an opportunity for those who wish a deeper contact with us, to come earlier. (Look at the attached invitation).
In addition to the Open Space, we imagine processes for getting to know each other, like presentations, games, sharing circles, present and future collaborations and relaxed moments around the fire.

Practical information:
Possibility for overnight stay only in tents.
Participation/food cost from 15 euros/day.
Prerequisite: To be a member of an Eco-Community or a project about self-sufficiency and sustainability.
For more information and Registration until 8 August:

Places are limited, so register your participation as soon as possible as there will be order of priority.
Until we meet

“Skala” Ecovillage