«Homeopathy in acute and chronic diseases»


14 May 2017
11:00 am


03 Oct 2023


Οικοχωριό Σκάλα

Workshop «Homeopathy in acute and chronic diseases»

With Anna Filippou, Homeopath

  • What is the difference between an acute and a chronic disease?
  • What is this that makes us what we are?
  • What is this that makes each one to feel, to experience and to act in his/her totally unic way?
  • What is the reason for the typical sensitivity in stress factors that each one has?

These kind of questions are not only interesting but play a main role for the understanding of a human being.

«Knowing yourself doesn’t mean something less or more than «Heal yourself».

We ask you to come a bit earlier from the beginning of the workshop, so that we can have a common start.

Bring your lunch with you!

Looking forward,

SKALA Ecovilage