Workshop “Treebog A Waterless Composting Earth Closet”


26 Mar 2017
10:00 am


02 Dec 2023
5:00 pm


Οικοχωριό ΣΚΑΛΑ

«In nature nothing is created from the beginning, nothing is loosing losing, everything transforms.»
Antoine Lavoisier

A Treebog, designed by Jay and Clara of Biologic Design, is simply a controlled compost heap whose function has been enhanced by conscious management and the judicious use of moisture/nutrient- hungry trees. Treebogs use no water, purify waste as they create willow as a biomass resource, and also contain the organic waste, thus preventing the spread of disease – all whilst creating soil.

The Treebog is a simple and effective means of taking responsibility for wastes produced in your own day to day existence. It involves no secondary handling (shovelling or bucketing) of either liquids or solid materials. Management is minimal, being an optional annual winter coppice cutting and weaving of the willow. The wands can be used as polewood, for basket or hurdle making, or chipped for use for, mulching, animal bedding or cut and bundled as faggots to use as fuelwood – especially useful in Rocket Stoves.

We build a new «Compost Toilet», for serving our guests, the volunteers and the inhabitants of SKALA!

Come to learn, to create and to have fun together!

Bring with you your lunch!

Looking forward to meet us again, 

SKALA Ecovillage